- Merged the local copy of XmlRoutines.py in buildgen into upper directory's XmlRouti...
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Python / XmlRoutines.py
2007-01-25 jwang36- Merged the local copy of XmlRoutines.py in buildgen...
2007-01-23 bbahnsenChanging XmlAppendChildElement to return the new XML...
2007-01-22 bbahnsenAdd dependency checking to the Far install.
2007-01-20 bbahnsenAdd a program to install fars.
2007-01-05 bbahnsenAdd license header to Python files.
2007-01-04 mdkinney1) Update XmlRoutines.py to strip all whitespace
2006-12-22 bbahnsenAdded some new field to the far template.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenAdd a far maker
2006-12-05 bbahnsenFactor out the XML API so other scripts can use it.