Fix some cleanall issues
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2006-05-26 bbahnsenFix some cleanall issues
2006-05-26 bbahnsenTranslate the Arch enum to an arch directory name....
2006-05-26 qwang12Remove the warning message reported when building GenBu...
2006-05-26 qwang12Add version check in both PCD database generation and...
2006-05-26 jlin16Fix the problem "update action multiple times fail".
2006-05-26 qwang12Change Workspace to X:
2006-05-26 qwang12Replace all tab to spaces.
2006-05-25 lhauchUpdated MSA by putting Specification element at the...
2006-05-25 bbahnsenFix a bug caused by sscanf trashing memory.
2006-05-25 lhauchHad to put the Attribute, URL back into the Abstract...
2006-05-25 lhauchAdded CreatedDate to Schema - headers have it included...
2006-05-25 jwang36Added outputDir attribute to support generating FV...
2006-05-24 bbahnsenAdd a macro for GCC Assembly.
2006-05-24 qwang12Remove a private class to remove the error message.
2006-05-24 qwang12Add sample code for PCD Database generation. These...
2006-05-24 qwang12git-svn-id:
2006-05-23 bbahnsenRefactor the PeCoffLoader into a library. Add PeiRebase...
2006-05-23 bbahnsenPorting several more tools to edk2.
2006-05-22 jlin16Remove the assumption of package location under workspa...
2006-05-19 bbahnsenDo not build with debug.
2006-05-19 bbahnsenFix capitalization
2006-05-19 bbahnsenMake sure that the dll is executable.
2006-05-19 bbahnsenFix capitalization
2006-05-19 bbahnsenFix capitalization
2006-05-19 bbahnsenGenDepex does not always run correctly on OS X. Turning...
2006-05-19 bbahnsenStrGather does not run correctly on OS X. Turning on...
2006-05-19 lhauchChanged GuidOffset from minOccurs 1 to minOccurs=0...
2006-05-19 lhauchFix the elements to put /> on the new elements.
2006-05-19 lhauchAdding Additional Tools that are needed for Platform...
2006-05-19 lhauchFixed CreatedBy to minOccurs=0 (and added comment DO...
2006-05-19 lhauchAdded optional GuidValue, changed Guid to optional...
2006-05-18 lhauchUpdated Schema for PcdDynamicBuildDeclarations and...
2006-05-17 bbahnsenCall it CompressDll.dll on all host platforms.
2006-05-17 bbahnsenBuild the compress library on Linux and OS X.
2006-05-17 klu2Fix a bug of unreference PCD token defined in FPD does...
2006-05-16 bbahnsenFixes for Cygwin gcc builds.
2006-05-16 bbahnsenFixes for gcc builds.
2006-05-16 bbahnsenCheck for gcc toolchain.
2006-05-16 yshang1git-svn-id:
2006-05-16 yshang1git-svn-id:
2006-05-16 bbahnsenFix GenFvImagei build on OS X
2006-05-15 bbahnsenHandle g++ libs correctly, since ant incorrectly does...
2006-05-15 bbahnsenRemoving the binary of MakeDeps since it is now built...
2006-05-15 bbahnsenFix for OS X
2006-05-15 bbahnsenFix for OS X
2006-05-15 bbahnsenAdd MakeDeps
2006-05-14 mdkinneyFix MASM build break
2006-05-12 mdkinneyMake sure path to 16-bit MASM is set
2006-05-11 lhauchAdded ZeroOrOne Data Type, for use with ErasePolarity...
2006-05-11 lhauchModified the FlashDeviceInfo and FlashDeviceImage eleme...
2006-05-10 lhauchremoved require for different sections of <TianoImage...
2006-05-08 bbahnsenGet rid of the build.gcc
2006-05-08 klu2It is legal that same base name exist in one FPD file...
2006-05-07 klu2Fix the PCD bug submitted by Oram, Isaac W:
2006-05-04 bbahnsenUse strcasecmp in gcc builds.
2006-05-04 bbahnsenFix a capitalization error.
2006-05-04 bbahnsenRetab
2006-05-04 bbahnsenThe file name is in lower case.
2006-05-03 bbahnsenRemove the workspace reference.
2006-05-03 bbahnsenStreamline the tools build and make it friendlier to...
2006-05-03 bbahnsenGet rid of workspace. Point to MS compiler for Host...
2006-04-29 hche10xChange script to start with class
2006-04-29 hche10xChange script to start with class
2006-04-28 lhauchFixed CLASSPATH, ANT_HOME and XMLBEANS_HOME to allow...
2006-04-28 klu2Remove unnecessary comments
2006-04-28 klu2Fix two bugs for current PCD workflow:
2006-04-28 hche10x1. Modify start script to
2006-04-28 bbahnsenUpdates for cygwin
2006-04-27 bbahnsenAdded a note for Cygwin.
2006-04-27 lhauchChanged Error message from successed to succeeded.
2006-04-27 qouyangChange class name from FfsHeader$integrityCheckSum...
2006-04-27 bbahnsenFix Binutils URL
2006-04-26 bbahnsenMake unix format
2006-04-26 bbahnsenAdd the gcc cross compile build scripts.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert backslashes to forward slashes in many build...
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-04-26 wuyizhongFix a bug on GenBuild and have a minor update on BuildM...
2006-04-25 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-04-25 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-04-24 bbahnsenArchitecture rename
2006-04-24 bbahnsenRename x64 to X64
2006-04-24 bbahnsenRename the dir
2006-04-24 bbahnsenRemove .exe so that the name will work on Linux.
2006-04-24 bbahnsenThis is a patch from Yizhong to fix the XMLBEANS location.
2006-04-22 lhauchRemoved the batch file for creating the MDK Package
2006-04-22 bbahnsenObliterate this file.
2006-04-21 bbahnsenInitial import.