2007-06-27 qhuang8Rename HiiLib to FrameworkHiiLib
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add IntelFrameworkModulePkg to build its libraries...
2007-06-27 qhuang8Complete the library instances in IntelFrameworkModulePkg
2007-06-27 vanjeffadd EFI_EXP_BASE10_DATA definitions
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add missing PcdPciIncompatibleDeviceSupportMask.
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add missing PcdPciIncompatibleDeviceSupportMask
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add AtapiPassThru & CapsuleRuntime module to MdeModulePkg
2007-06-27 qhuang8Rename PCD section name
2007-06-27 klu2Use / in place of \ in path
2007-06-27 klu2Add Nt32Pkg into FrameworkDatabase.db file.
2007-06-27 klu2Add FvbServicesRuntimeDxe into Nt32Pkg
2007-06-27 yshang1Add exit boot service event registry.
2007-06-27 klu2Add missing files
2007-06-27 klu2Convert msa to inf for UefiRuntimeLib
2007-06-27 yshang1Clean up Protocol definitions in MdePkg.dec
2007-06-27 qwang12add in Metronome.inf
2007-06-27 qwang12add RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe
2007-06-27 qwang12Remove includes from INF
2007-06-27 qwang12remove include from inf
2007-06-27 qwang12Added in ResetRuntimeDxe
2007-06-27 qwang12Add in gEfiWinNtThunkProtocolGuid
2007-06-27 qwang12Add in TimerDxe
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add extra inclusion: PciHostBridgeResourceAllocation...
2007-06-27 jwang36Fixed the spaces issue.
2007-06-27 yshang1Import UefiRuntimeLib in MdePkg
2007-06-27 yshang1Import the UefiRuntimeLib in MdePkg.
2007-06-27 qwang12Update IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtSerialIoDxe driver into Nt32Pkg
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtGop driver into Nt32Pkg
2007-06-27 qwang12add in MiscSubClassPlatformDxe
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtSimpleFileSystemDxe driver into Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-27 klu2Add missing definition for Time service which defined...
2007-06-27 vanjeffRoll back revision 2222 to recover the wrong checking.
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtConsole driver into Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-27 vanjeffadded PPI and Protocol definitions needed by porting...
2007-06-27 yshang1Move #include <IndustryStandard/Pal.h> into IPF specifi...
2007-06-27 vanjeffadd some framework definitions
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtBusDriverDxe into Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-27 vanjeffsync dec with nspd.
2007-06-27 klu2wrong package name
2007-06-27 vanjeffAdded gEfiUgaIoProtocolGuid definition
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add new Library Class: CustomDecompressLib
2007-06-27 klu2Add WinNtBlockIoDxe module into Nt32Pkg.
2007-06-27 klu2git-svn-id: https://edk2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2007-06-27 klu2Disable the warning of bitfield
2007-06-27 klu21) Add include path into MdeModulePkg.dec
2007-06-27 yshang1Update DriverConfiguration2.h to avoid the name conflic...
2007-06-27 klu21) Porting the original WinNtStuff Peim to new Nt32Pkg
2007-06-27 yshang1Keep the C name of SIMPLE TEXT OUTPUT PROTOCOL unchange...
2007-06-27 yshang1Split the DriverConfiguration.h into DriverConfiguratio...
2007-06-27 klu2Remove CommonHeader.h
2007-06-27 jwang36Added executing Python tools from source
2007-06-27 qwang12Add in Intel Framework HiiLib class and instance.
2007-06-27 qwang12add IntelFrameworkPkg.dec and IntelFrameworkPkg.nspd
2007-06-26 AJFISHUpdate to fix coding style bugs
2007-06-26 bxingUpdated IntelFrameworkPkg.nspd to add GUID/PPI/Protocol...
2007-06-26 qwang12Add in edk2/EdkCompatibilityPkg dir.
2007-06-26 qwang12add in gEfiPeiMasterBootModePpiGuid and gEfiPeiBootInRe...
2007-06-26 qwang12add in BootModePei
2007-06-26 klu2Success to build first Nt32 module.
2007-06-26 vanjeffFixed build issues for DxeCoreHobLib and BaseUefiDecomp...
2007-06-26 qhuang8Add Intel Framework Module Package
2007-06-26 vanjeffRemove prefix EFI_ from some TPL macros reference in...
2007-06-26 klu2Initialize the include folder for NT32Pkg
2007-06-26 vanjeffupdate spd to nspd
2007-06-26 klu2Initialize the dsc and dec file for Nt32Pkg
2007-06-26 qhuang81. Create Intel Framework Module Package directory
2007-06-26 jwang36Removed the AutoGen-Code type of file build; added...
2007-06-26 vanjeff1. added common header files, Guid header filess, Proto...
2007-06-26 jwang36Removed the "Open ..." output message when parsing...
2007-06-26 klu2Wrong package name
2007-06-26 jwang36Used "|" as value separator.
2007-06-26 qhuang8Add back the #ifndef XXX #define XXX for header file.
2007-06-26 qhuang8Clear up to remove the duplicate driver binding externs...
2007-06-26 AJFISHpdated code per coding standard. Changed comments,...
2007-06-26 AJFISHpdated code per coding standard. Changed comments,...
2007-06-25 AJFISHFixed typo in function header
2007-06-25 jwang36Added usage and notes
2007-06-25 jwang361) Incorporated generating top level makefile. Now...
2007-06-25 vanjeffadd modules DiskIo, Partition and SecurityStub.
2007-06-25 vanjeffadd BuildNotes2.txt for EDK II Prime.
2007-06-25 vanjeffadded PcdComponentName2Disable, PcdDriverDiagnostics2Di...
2007-06-25 vanjeffAdd some definitions for efi event in Uefi/UefiSpec...
2007-06-25 xli24Check in library class declaration for SAL Lib, togethe...
2007-06-22 AJFISHremoved unneeded [BuildOptions] section.
2007-06-22 AJFISHRemoved unneeded include file
2007-06-22 yshang1Add UefiDriverModel.c for Installation of driver model...
2007-06-22 yshang1Add PcdComponentName2Disable and PcdDriverDiagnostics2D...
2007-06-22 yshang1Checked in part of MDE library instances following...
2007-06-22 yshang1Add dependent protocol:"Protocol/DevicePath.h".
2007-06-22 yshang1Add DriverDiagnostics2.h.
2007-06-22 jwang36Changed the format of elapsed time at the end of build.
2007-06-22 jwang36Changed active platform to MdeModulePkg
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport MdeModulePkg, only one module HelloWorld by...
2007-06-22 vanjeffCleanup MdePkg.dsc, UefiLib.inf and UefiLib.msa
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport DxeCoreHobLib, DxeHobLib, PeimEntryPoint and...
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport some Pei and Dxe related instances for MdePkg.
2007-06-22 yshang1git-svn-id: https://edk2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2007-06-22 yshang1Import Pal.h and Sal.h.
2007-06-22 yshang1Rename the PalApi.h to Pal.h.