controllers: evpn : use frr restart if reload fail
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2022-02-24 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : use frr restart if reload fail
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : remove ip forwarding, ipv6 forwardi...
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : remove "no bgp ebgp-requires-policy"
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn : add rt-import
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn: add missing bgp router-id in vrf
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn/bgp : add exitnodes-primary && rework...
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : add min/max value to asn
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: bgp: use loopback ip src for loopback...
2021-08-24 Alexandre Derumierevpn: add exitnodes-local-routing
2021-08-24 Alexandre Derumierevpn : add advertise-subnets option
2020-12-18 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: add generate_controller_rawconfig
2020-12-18 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn: fix exitnodes for snat
2020-12-18 Alexandre Derumierevpn: frr: use datacenter default profile (lower timeouts)
2020-11-25 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: improve bgp-evpn
2020-07-01 Fabian Gr├╝nbichlersplit declaration and initialization with post-if
2020-07-01 Alexandre Derumieruse PVE::Tools::split_list for ip lists
2020-05-19 Alexandre Derumierevpn: prefix interfaces
2020-01-16 Thomas Lamprechtevpn: use file_{g,s}et_contents and import run_command
2020-01-16 Thomas Lamprechtevpn: indentation, whitespace cleanup and code refactoring
2020-01-16 Alexandre Derumiercontroller : evpn : only allow 1 evpn controller
2020-01-16 Alexandre Derumierevpn: add support for local frr.config
2019-11-28 Alexandre Derumiermove find_local_ip_interface sub helper to zone plugin
2019-11-28 Alexandre Derumierevpn: remove uplink-id
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumiercontroller: evpn: use for reloading frr
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumiercleanup old transport/router/sdn_cfg references
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierevpn zone plugin : remove vrf option
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierrename frrevpn controller plugin to evpn plugin