DuetPkg scripts: Support building with GCC45 - GCC49
[mirror_edk2.git] / DuetPkg / PostBuild.sh
2016-04-08 Jordan JustenDuetPkg scripts: Support building with GCC45 - GCC49
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg PostBuild.sh: Use EDK_TOOLS_PATH if defined
2010-06-10 klu2remove --image-base option EfiLdr.inf, and use GenFw...
2010-04-28 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-03-18 klu2Separate IA32/X64 architecture into two DSC file to...
2010-03-10 klu21, Remove comma after year
2010-03-10 klu2Cleanup license header
2009-11-17 klu2Correct the shell script file type as executable
2009-09-17 klu2Rollback patch temporary until receive legal approve.
2009-09-15 klu2Apply patch from Patrick Georgi. Correct build tool...
2009-07-08 klu2Correct the file name case for linux environment
2009-06-22 klu2This patch includes:
2009-05-06 gikidy1. Open USB related and logo support FVs, remove some...
2009-04-16 klu2add return if no valid architecture
2009-03-16 klu2It is safe to use bcat command to cat binary files...
2009-03-16 klu2Final boot image just need combination, no need to...
2009-03-15 klu2Remove exit from batch file
2009-03-02 klu2Update PostBuild.sh
2009-03-02 klu2Use com as postfix as MSFT does.
2009-03-02 gikidyAdd PostBuild process file for Unix environment.