Reviewed the description in the FatBinPkg .dec file.
[mirror_edk2.git] / IntelFrameworkPkg / Include / Ppi /
2009-06-10 jcarseyfix comments
2009-06-10 jcarseyfix comments
2009-05-21 gikidySynchronize code with specs.
2009-02-05 tding1update comments to allign with spec
2008-12-04 tding1fix ecc report-out issues
2008-07-31 klu2Remove blank for function typedef, it will break genera...
2008-06-20 qwang12get the definition for EFI_PEI_PCI_CFG_PPI_WIDTH from...
2008-05-27 qhuang8De-unicode in comment for all source files.
2008-04-22 klu2Fix typo in comment.
2008-04-09 klu2Fix build error.
2008-04-08 klu2Add more comments for IntelFramework's header files.
2007-07-19 yshang1Clean up the duplicated definitions in Ppi/Smbus.h...
2007-07-09 bxingRenamed LoadFile.h to FvLoadFile.h in order to avoid...
2007-07-09 bxingAdded FvFileLoader PPI
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add PciCfg PPI definitions
2007-07-04 bxingCorrected uses of PI header files.
2007-07-04 bxingCorrected uses of IntelFrameworkPkg header files.
2007-07-04 bxingRenaming files/directories
2007-07-04 yshang1Add FindFv PPI.
2007-07-02 yshang1Add DxeBootScriptLibNull in IntelFrameworkPkg.
2007-06-28 bxingModified header files to make them compile
2007-06-27 vanjeffadd some framework definitions
2007-06-15 bxingInitial directory structure of IntelFrameworkPkg.