NetworkPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI.
[mirror_edk2.git] / NetworkPkg / NetworkPkg.dsc
2020-04-03 Abner ChangNetworkPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI.
2019-11-11 Michael D KinneyNetworkPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds
2019-10-24 Sean BroganNetworkPkg: Add missing components to DSC file
2019-05-08 Liming GaoNetworkPkg: Add package level include DSC file
2019-05-08 Liming GaoNetworkPkg DSC: Add the required ARM library to pass...
2019-04-29 Wang, FanNetworkPkg: Remove IpSec driver and application
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyNetworkPkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2019-02-28 Wang FanNetworkPkg: Add WiFi Connection Manager to NetworkPkg
2018-08-14 chenc2NetworkPkg: Removing ipf which is no longer supported...
2018-06-28 Liming GaoNetworkPkg: Clean up source files
2018-05-07 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.dsc: Add the instance of library...
2018-01-23 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Update package version to 0.98
2017-10-23 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Remove ping6 and ifconfig shell application.
2017-05-05 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Update package version to 0.97.
2016-12-29 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.dsc: Move TLS modules to the...
2016-12-22 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.dsc: Enable TlsDxe and TlsAuthCon...
2016-08-08 Hao WuNetworkPkg DSC: Add build option to disable deprecated...
2016-05-05 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Use UefiBootManagerLib API to create load...
2016-01-19 Hao WuNetworkPkg: Add NOOPT target in NetworkPkg.dsc
2015-08-24 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg: Add HTTP utilities driver
2015-08-20 Jiaxin WuNetworkPkg: Update the NetworkPkg package version
2015-07-07 Fu SiyuanNetworkPkg: Update package DSC file.
2015-01-13 Daryl McDanielMdeModulePkg, MdePkg, NetworkPkg, OvmfPkg, PerformanceP...
2014-12-04 Randy PawellNetworkPkg: Source fixes and cleanup for ARMGCC compiles
2014-09-02 Fu SiyuanUpdate NetworkPkg package version to 0.95.
2014-01-09 Fu SiyuanUpdate NetworkPkg package version to 0.94.
2013-05-13 lgao4Update Code to pass EBC compiler.
2011-12-14 qianouyangUpdate NetworkPkg package version from 0.92 to 0.93.
2011-08-17 tye1Add IScsiDxe driver to NetworkPkg in order to support...
2011-04-01 ydong10NetworkPkg.dsc:
2011-03-10 mdkinneyUpdate DebugLib to provide support for "err" command...
2010-12-31 qianouyangAdd IPsec/Ikev2 support.
2010-11-01 hhtianAdd NetworkPkg (P.UDK2010.UP3.Network.P1)