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2024-04-23 Maximiliano... fix #5251: login: set autocomplete on password and... master
2024-03-01 Stefan Sterzui: trim whitespaces when adding a subscription key
2024-02-28 Thomas Lamprechtdkim settings: improve label for signing domain source...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.1.1
2024-02-27 Dominik Csapakdashboard: implement columns browser setting
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtuser management: separate add/create and edit/remove...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtspam detector: custom rules: move apply/revert buttons...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtspam detector: custom rules: consitent add/edit/remove...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtmail proxy: networks: consitent add/edit/remove button...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtmail proxy: transports: consitent add/edit/remove button
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtmail proxy: relay domains: consitent add/edit/remove...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtmail proxy: tls destinations: consitent add/edit/remove...
2024-02-27 Thomas Lamprechtobject groups: consistent add/edit/remove button
2024-02-27 Dominik Csapakobjects: add separator between match field selector...
2024-02-27 Maximiliano... utils: anchor regex expression
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtd/copyright: update years
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.1.0
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtdashboard: show ten of the current top receiver
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtdashboard: increase height of node-info and top-receive...
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtdashboard: show boot-mode information
2024-02-26 Thomas Lamprechtdashboard: reduce noise in current kernel version
2024-02-26 Maximiliano... fix #2971: DKIM: add gui setting to use From header...
2024-02-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.4
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakdisclaimer edit: add 'add-separator' checkbox
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakdisclaimer edit: add position comobobox
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakobjects: use font-weight for bold text
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakobjects: don't reload on match mode change
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakrules/objects: add mode selector dropdown
2024-02-22 Dominik Csapakrules: use tree panel instead of grouping feature of...
2024-02-21 Thomas Lamprechtform: filter field: code cleanups
2024-02-21 Dominik Csapakfix #4510: add filter box to many grids
2024-02-13 Maximiliano... fix #4818: Revert "UserEdit: add minLength of 4 to...
2023-12-20 Fabian Gr├╝nbichlerbump version to 4.0.3
2023-12-15 Maximiliano... mail-proxy-relaying: add help to Default Relay
2023-12-15 Maximiliano... mail-proxy-relaying: format function arguments
2023-12-15 Maximiliano... NavigationTree: Remove extra space
2023-12-15 Maximiliano... gui: Mark missing strings as translatable
2023-12-15 Christian Ebnerui: node summary: use SI units for HD usage
2023-11-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned dependency of proxmox-widget...
2023-11-14 Christian EbnerRevert "fix tracking center with newer proxmox-widget...
2023-09-07 Maximiliano... backup config: add icons to tab buttons
2023-08-11 Christian Ebnerutils: fix typo in url
2023-07-18 Dominik Csapaktry using 'pve-eslint' if it exists
2023-06-28 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.2
2023-06-28 Thomas Lamprechtuser view: disable unlock TFA button initially
2023-06-28 Wolfgang Bumilleradd Unlock TFA button
2023-06-28 Wolfgang Bumillershow TFA lock status in user view
2023-06-27 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.1
2023-06-27 Dominik Csapakfix tracking center with newer proxmox-widget-toolkit
2023-06-26 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.0
2023-06-26 Dominik Csapakspam: options: adapt do new defaults for bayes/awl
2023-06-26 Dominik Csapakconfiguration: options: adapt to new advanced statistic...
2023-06-26 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: make clean target more robust / safer
2023-06-26 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: avoid versioned build-dependencies with...
2023-06-26 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: don't require build-dependencies for source...
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovd/control: add dependency on misc:Depends
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovd/control: raise standards version compliance to 4.6.2
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovd/control: define compat level via build-depends and...
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovbuildsys: derive upload dist automatically
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovbuildsys: add dsc and sbuild targets
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovbuildsys: makefiles convert to use simple parenthesis
2023-06-19 Stoiko Ivanovd/s/format: mark package as native
2023-06-14 Thomas Lamprechttfa: avoid trailing space on WebAuthn
2023-05-17 Leo Nunnermail filter: properly html-encode rule names
2023-05-17 Stefan Sterzmain view/quarantine: rename "Theme" selector to "Color...
2023-03-28 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.3-2
2023-03-27 Stoiko Ivanovspamdetector: add extract_text option
2023-03-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.3-1
2023-03-23 Stefan Sterzquarantines: use a check mark for the dark mode filter
2023-03-23 Stefan Sterzquarantines: fix the default behavior of the theme...
2023-03-21 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.2-3
2023-03-21 Thomas Lamprechtapi: use readable casing for tls-inbound-domains endpoint
2023-03-20 Christoph Heissfix #2437: proxy: Add 'TLS Inbound Domains' panel
2023-03-15 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned dependency for proxmox-widget...
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzindex template: make it easier to use the auto theme...
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzmobile quarantine: properly style main logo
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzquarantines: add support for a theme toggle
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzmobile quarantine: add dark theme support to the mobile...
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzhourly mail distribution chart: add dynamic color switching
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzsubscription: remove hard-coded white background
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzspam-info-grid: style the spam info grid via css variables
2023-03-15 Stefan Sterzmainview/quarantine: add theme switcher
2023-01-23 Thomas Lamprechtdashboard: fix untranslated use of "Subscription"
2022-11-29 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.2-2
2022-11-29 Thomas Lamprechtquarantine list: cope with undefined mail value
2022-11-29 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.2-1
2022-11-25 Stoiko Ivanovuserblocklists: use PMGMail as validator for pmail
2022-11-25 Stoiko Ivanovutils: add custom validator for pmg-email-address
2022-11-25 Thomas Lamprechtquarantine list: code reduction
2022-11-25 Thomas Lamprechtquarantines: mail filter: add clear trigger
2022-11-25 Dominik Csapakfix #3287: add recipient filter for virus & attachment...
2022-11-11 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.1-6
2022-11-11 Thomas Lamprechtattachment grid: show all parts: fix title-casing in...
2022-11-11 Thomas Lamprechtattachment grid: move all-parts controls to tbar, trans...
2022-11-11 Thomas Lamprechtattachment grid: simply filter to avoid code bloat
2022-11-11 Dominik Csapakattachment grid: default to filtering by content-dispos...
2022-11-07 Dominik Csapakattachment grid: fix typo in title
2022-11-07 Thomas Lamprechtspam quarantine controller: fix args when calling the...
2022-11-07 Thomas Lamprechtrenderer: s/format_size/render_size/
2022-11-07 Thomas Lamprechtquarantine: attachement info: show count & total size...