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descriptionThe Proxmox VE Management API and Web UI
last changeMon, 15 Jul 2024 07:44:25 +0000 (09:44 +0200)
25 hours ago Thomas Lamprechtapi: node status: fix description of current-kernel... master
5 days ago Christian Ebnerwww: backup: clarify experimental change detection...
5 days ago Stoiko Ivanovpve7to8: fix typo in log message
11 days ago Lukas Wagnerapi: replication: include 'hostname' field for notifica...
11 days ago Lukas Wagnervzdump: apt: notification: do not include domain in...
11 days ago Lukas Wagnerapi: replication: add 'job-id' to notification metadata
12 days ago Fiona Ebnerpve7to8: allow arbitrary newer running '-pve' kernels...
2024-07-01 Fiona Ebnervzdump: fix unit for bandwidth limit in log message
2024-06-27 Lorenz Stechaunerapi: aplinfo: rename REs for iso and vztmpl extensions
2024-06-12 Dominik Csapakui: fix align mode of two column container
2024-06-12 Fiona Ebnervzdump config: add fleecing property string
2024-06-11 Fiona Ebnerui: qemu: hardware: use asynchronous remove API call...
2024-06-11 Fiona Ebnerui: qemu: hardware: use background delay for asynchrono...
2024-06-10 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 8.2.4
2024-06-10 Fabian Grünbichlerd/control: bump pve-container
2024-06-10 Christian Ebnervzdump: add pbs-change-detection-mode to config template
25 hours ago master
2 months ago stable-7
2 years ago stable-6
4 years ago stable-5
6 years ago stable-4
7 years ago stable-3