AppPkg: Add the Lua interpreter and library.
[mirror_edk2.git] / AppPkg / Applications / Lua / ReadMe.txt
1 This is Lua 5.2.3, released on 11 Nov 2013.
3 For installation instructions, license details, and
4 further information about Lua, see doc/readme.html.
5 =================================================
7 Embedding Lua
8 -------------
9 The Lua library instance, LuaLib, is defined by Since, currently, all applications which
10 embed Lua are also StdLib applications, will be included by your package's .DSC file.
12 The header files required to use LuaLib are in the standard include path at StdLib\Include\Lua.
13 They may be referenced as:
14 #include <Lua/lua.h>
15 #include <Lua/lualib.h>
16 #include <Lua/lauxlib>
17 #include <Lua/luaconf.h>
19 Lua/luaconf.h is the Lua configuration file. If you wish to build Lua with custom characteristics,
20 this is the file to modify. Modify the file in StdLib\Include\Lua since the file in the Lua
21 source tree is just a stub which references the file in StdLib.
24 Installation on UEFI
25 --------------------
26 Install the Lua.efi file into \Efi\Tools. This is the standalone Lua interpreter.
27 Create a directory, \Efi\StdLib\lib\Lua. This is the default location for Lua scripts.
29 If desired, copy the files from AppPkg\Applications\Lua\scripts, in the source tree, into
30 \Efi\StdLib\lib\Lua.