EmbeddedPkg/PrePiLib: drop unused PCD reference
[mirror_edk2.git] / EmbeddedPkg / Library / PrePiLib / PrePiLib.inf
2018-11-29 Ard BiesheuvelEmbeddedPkg/PrePiLib: drop unused PCD reference
2018-06-29 chenc2EmbeddedPkg: Removing ipf which is no longer supported...
2014-08-19 Ronald CronARM Packages: Removed trailing spaces
2011-07-01 oliviermartinEmbeddedPkg: Removed unused PCD values
2011-07-01 oliviermartinEmbeddedPkg/PrePiHobLib: Move Hob functions from PrePiL...
2011-07-01 oliviermartinEmbeddedPkg: Introduce PrePiMemoryAllocationLib
2010-04-29 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2010-04-13 andrewfishAdd supported for performance libraries.
2010-01-30 andrewfishChange name to remove Template
2010-01-12 AJFISHA few more header fixes
2009-12-06 AJFISHAdding support for BeagleBoard.