SecurityPkg Tpm2DeviceLibDTpm: Update enum type name to match the one in lib
[mirror_edk2.git] / SecurityPkg / Library / Tpm2DeviceLibDTpm / Tpm2InstanceLibDTpm.c
2018-06-27 Liming GaoSecurityPkg Tpm2DeviceLibDTpm: Update enum type name...
2018-06-27 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Tpm2DeviceLib: Enable CapCRBIdleBypass...
2018-06-25 Zhang, Chao BSecurityPkg: Cache TPM interface type info
2016-10-18 Hao WuSecurityPkg: Fix typo 'Ihis' with 'This' in codes
2016-01-26 Yao, JiewenSecurityPkg: Add TPM PTP support in TPM2 device lib.
2013-09-18 jyao1Add TPM2 implementation.