[mirror_edk2.git] / ShellPkg / Library / UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib / UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib.inf
2019-04-28 Shenglei ZhangShellPkg/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib
2019-04-09 Michael D KinneyShellPkg: Replace BSD License with BSD+Patent License
2018-09-30 shengleiShellPkg/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib: Remove unused...
2018-06-28 Liming GaoShellPkg: Clean up source files
2016-04-13 Liming GaoShellPkg: Update Guid/Protocol usages in INF files.
2016-01-21 Laszlo ErsekShellPkg: elevate DumpHex() from Debug1-internal to...
2015-12-10 Ruiyu NiShellPkg/mm: Fix mm to support multiple root bridge...
2015-08-25 Ard BiesheuvelShellPkg: use UEFI_APPLICATION module type for Shell...
2015-03-17 Elvin LiShellPkg: update smbiosview for SMBIOS 3.0.
2015-01-22 Qiu ShuminShellPkg: Refine the fomat in INF/DEC files to follow...
2014-09-10 Jaben CarseyShellPkg: Use the new library for "bcfg" command
2012-03-15 lzeng14Add SMBIOS 2.7.1 support to SmbiosView command.
2011-09-21 lgao4Clean up the private GUID definition in module Level.
2011-04-05 jcarseyadd comments to function declarations and definitions...
2011-03-30 ydong10Update inf file to follow spec.
2011-03-29 jcarseysmbiosview - add user input verification.
2011-03-25 jcarseycomp - add comments and add input verification
2010-12-10 hhtianupdate copyright format
2010-11-16 jcarseyAdd "Debug1" profile (all but Edit and HexEdit commands)