Add title and print_width fields to properties
[pve-access-control.git] / PVE / API2 /
2018-06-27 Stoiko IvanovAdd title and print_width fields to properties
2018-06-27 Stoiko Ivanovrefactor API using get/register_standard_option
2017-09-22 Wolfgang Bumillerstyle fix
2017-09-22 Wolfgang Bumillerapi: check for special roles before locking the usercfg
2017-09-22 Philip AbernethyWhitespace fixes
2017-09-22 Philip AbernethyRemove unused Dumper uses
2017-09-22 Philip Abernethyfix #1501: pveum: die when deleting special role
2012-01-27 Dietmar Maurercleanup permission checks
2012-01-24 Dietmar Maurerfix access control
2011-08-23 Dietmar Maureriimported from svn 'pve-access-control/trunk'