Fix #1924: add snapshot parameter
[qemu-server.git] / PVE / CLI /
2019-01-30 Rhonda D'VineFix #1924: add snapshot parameter
2018-11-28 Dominik Csapakbetter cleanup logging for migration
2018-11-14 Dominik Csapakadd 'qm cleanup'
2018-09-19 Dominik Csapakfix #1908: add vmgenid config/device
2018-08-21 Thomas Lamprechtqm rescan: fix typo in dryrun description
2018-07-17 Thomas Lamprechtqm: move 'agent' command into 'guest' comand group
2018-07-17 Thomas Lamprechtqm: rename 'ga' command group to 'guest'
2018-07-11 Dominik Csapakadd exec(-status) to qm
2018-07-11 Dominik Csapakadd 'passwd' to qm
2018-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtqm rescan: add dryrun option
2018-06-27 Thomas Lamprechtqm: PVE::PTY is not used anymore
2018-06-27 Dominik Csapakuse get_standard_mapping for cipassword_map
2018-03-13 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: make cipassword interactive on the CLI
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: sshkeys are now files on the CLI
2018-02-20 Dominik Csapakmove guest agent api call to its own file
2018-01-22 Thomas Lamprechtavoid harmful '<>' pattern, explicitly read from STDIN
2018-01-10 Wolfgang Bumillerqm showcmd --pretty: indent new lines by 2 spaces
2018-01-10 Thomas Lamprechtqm showcmd: add simple 'pretty' parameter
2017-12-13 Wolfgang Bumillerqm terminal: add --escape option
2017-09-27 Emmanuel Kasperimportovf: explicitly returns undef
2017-09-25 Wolfgang Bumillerqm importovf: --dryrun: use json output format
2017-09-25 Wolfgang Bumillerqm importovf: set return type to null
2017-09-25 Wolfgang Bumillerwhitespace fixup
2017-09-25 Emmanuel KasperAdd new qm command 'importovf', to create VMs from...
2017-08-07 Fabian Grünbichlerqm mtunnel/migrate: add resume VMID command
2017-08-07 Fabian Grünbichlermtunnel: add and handle OK/ERR replies
2017-08-07 Fabian Grünbichlerqm mtunnel: add write helper
2017-08-07 Fabian Grünbichlerqm mtunnel: add tunnel version
2017-07-13 Emmanuel KasperFix #1417: make sure the target storage allows disk...
2017-06-01 Emmanuel KasperAdd new qm command 'importdisk' to import external...
2017-01-12 Dietmar Maureradd setup_environment hook to CLIHandler classes
2017-01-05 Alexandre Derumieradd qm nbdstop
2016-12-01 Dietmar Maurerqm agent: pass command as second required argument
2016-12-01 Dietmar Maurerqm agent: add output formatter
2016-11-30 Wolfgang LinkAdd qm agent.
2016-10-19 Dominik Csapakadd qm listsnapshot call
2016-07-26 Dominik Csapakfix verbose qm status output
2016-04-08 Dietmar Maureruse pve-doc-generator to generate man pages
2016-03-09 Thomas Lamprechtfix call to lock_config and config_file
2016-03-08 Fabian GrünbichlerRefactor basic config-related methods
2016-03-01 Wolfgang BumillerClose #880: ability to show paused state via the CLI
2016-02-12 Fabian GrünbichlerDrop skiplock from write_config
2016-02-12 Fabian GrünbichlerRefactor update_config_nolock -> write_config
2015-09-07 Dietmar Maurerimprove bash completion
2015-09-06 Dietmar Maurercovert qm into a PVE::CLI class, enable bash completions