use the html5 backend for asciidoc
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2016-10-18 Dietmar Maureruse the html5 backend for asciidoc
2016-10-14 Dietmar Maureruse fixed output file mapping
2016-10-13 Dietmar add code to auto generate online help...
2016-10-12 Dietmar define revdate/revnumber for all backends
2016-10-12 Dietmar implement new command print-links...
2016-10-12 Dietmar Maureruse asciidoc-pve whenever possible
2016-10-11 Dietmar Maurerasciidoc-pve: be quiet by default
2016-10-11 Dietmar Maurerasciidoc-pve: cleanup temporary files
2016-10-11 Dietmar implement commands to generate man...
2016-10-10 Dietmar cleanup for code reuse
2016-10-10 Dietmar Maurerfactor out cleanup method
2016-10-10 Dietmar Maurernew file
2016-10-09 Dietmar Maurermake sure we have a text for all xrefs
2016-10-08 Dietmar Maurersupport xref using <<>> syntax
2016-10-08 Dietmar Maurersupport reftext for block IDs
2016-10-08 Dietmar add some real functionality
2016-10-06 Dietmar Maureradd helper to correctly resolve links