cgroup: cpu quota: fix resetting period length for v1
[pve-common.git] / test / etc_network_interfaces /
2021-09-29 Thomas Lamprechtinotify: network: improve "allow-hotplug" & "auto"...
2021-09-24 Thomas Lamprechttest: import JSON for quicker debugging
2020-06-08 Alexandre DerumierInotify: write_network_interfaces : always autostart...
2020-03-13 Alexandre add cidr address test
2020-03-13 Thomas Lamprechtinotify/interfaces: ensure cidr, address and netmask...
2020-03-13 Thomas Lamprechttest: list ifaces: fix indentation of expected structure
2020-03-13 Thomas Lamprechtruntest: clone config before passing to write to avoid...
2020-03-12 Thomas Lamprechtinotify: fix compatibillity with address + netmask...
2020-03-07 Alexandre DerumierINotify : fix OVSBond && OvsintPort order + tests
2020-03-04 Alexandre Derumierremove extra space after address && gateway options
2020-03-04 Alexandre DerumierINotify: use cidr for address on config change
2020-02-07 Alexandre DerumierINotify : check_bridge : fix bridge-ports with vlan...
2020-02-07 Alexandre DerumierINotify: fix mtu check && add test
2020-01-25 Alexandre Derumiertests: unknown interfaces order: rename vlan interfaces...
2019-09-20 Alexandre Derumiernetwork_interfaces: use allow-ovs for OVSBridge
2019-01-03 Wolfgang BumillerFixup testcases for the previous commit
2018-10-04 Alexandre DerumierInotify: add support for 802.1ad stacked vlans
2018-09-11 Wolfgang BumillerINotify: add tests for non-defined vlan bridge ports
2018-07-10 Wolfgang Bumillertests: test newly added interfaces individually
2018-07-10 Alexandre DerumierInotify : add mtu option
2018-07-10 Alexandre DerumierInotify : add check vlan
2018-07-10 Alexandre DerumierInotify : add check_bond
2018-07-10 Alexandre DerumierInotify : add bridge ports options
2018-07-10 Alexandre DerumierInotify : add vxlan interface support
2018-06-20 Wolfgang BumillerINotify: write network: don't duplicate bridge-vids
2018-06-20 Alexandre DerumierInotify : write network config : use modern syntax...
2017-01-24 Dietmar use lib '.' - because newer perl does not...
2016-05-12 Dietmar Maurerreplace the smartmatch operator
2016-02-10 Wolfgang BumillerFix #882: active state of interfaces depends on ipv6
2015-10-19 Wolfgang Bumillerhalf-revert: remove autostart property from bridge...
2015-10-07 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't reorder unknown interface types
2015-09-14 Wolfgang Bumillerremove autostart property from bridge ports
2015-06-26 Wolfgang Bumillertests: list/create/update network interfaces
2015-06-26 Wolfgang Bumillerimporting etc_network_interfaces tests