2016-03-02 Thomas LamprechtAdd since and until parameter to dump_journal
2016-02-27 Wolfgang Bumillerpod: generate property string documentation
2016-02-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-49
2016-02-18 Wolfgang Bumillerschema: error on missing keys without default keys
2016-02-15 Dominik Csapaklimit vmid with JSON format
2016-02-12 Wolfgang Bumillernetwork: get rid of ioctl.ph
2016-02-11 Wolfgang Bumillerschema: disable additional properties in property strings
2016-02-11 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-48
2016-02-11 Wolfgang Bumilleradded syncfs syscall and sync_mountpoint helper
2016-02-10 Dietmar Maurerupdate changelog
2016-02-10 Wolfgang BumillerFix #882: active state of interfaces depends on ipv6
2016-02-10 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-47
2016-02-10 Fabian GrünbichlerImplement refcounting for flocks
2016-02-10 Wolfgang BumillerCLIHandler: add missing use PVE::INotify
2016-01-27 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-46
2016-01-27 Thomas Lamprechtadd upid_wait method
2016-01-26 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: disable duplicate plugin registration
2016-01-23 Wolfgang BumillerTools: add setns system call
2016-01-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-45
2016-01-18 Wolfgang Bumillernetwork: fix uninitialized value error
2016-01-15 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-44
2016-01-15 Alexandre Derumiernetwork : add trunks support
2016-01-08 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-43
2016-01-08 Wolfgang BumillerFix #861: use safer sprintf formatting
2015-12-29 Dietmar Maurerimprove asciidoc markup
2015-12-29 Dietmar Maureradd experimental 'asciidoc' generator
2015-12-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-42
2015-12-19 Thomas LamprechtOutput also lockname if it cannot be acquired
2015-12-19 Thomas Lamprechtallow fall back to default completion
2015-12-07 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-41
2015-12-07 Wolfgang BumillerDaemon: don't clear CLOEXEC on daemon sockets
2015-11-30 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-40
2015-11-30 Thomas Lamprechtrun_command: return exit code and add noerr
2015-11-26 Wolfgang Bumillerprint_property_string: skip keys early
2015-11-26 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-39
2015-11-26 Wolfgang Linkadd function file_copy
2015-11-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-38
2015-11-19 Dietmar Maureravoid access to undefinded var $tag
2015-11-13 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-37
2015-11-13 Wolfgang BumillerProcFSTools: implement conforming parse_mounts
2015-10-30 Dietmar Maurerupdate changelog
2015-10-30 Wolfgang Bumillerfix CLONE constant declaration
2015-10-30 Wolfgang BumillerTools: make unshare behave like other perl syscalls
2015-10-30 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-36
2015-10-30 Wolfgang Bumillerprint_property_string: skip undefined values
2015-10-30 Wolfgang BumillerTools::df: fork and use Filesys::Df
2015-10-23 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-35
2015-10-23 Wolfgang Bumillerread_prox_net_ipv6_route fixup
2015-10-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-34
2015-10-19 Wolfgang Bumillerhalf-revert: remove autostart property from bridge...
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillernetwork: IP_from_cidr and is_ip_in_cidr helpers
2015-10-16 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-33
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerallow /32 ipv4 cidrs
2015-10-15 Wolfgang Bumillersupport aliases in property strings
2015-10-15 Dietmar Maurerbump version tio 4.0-32
2015-10-15 Wolfgang Bumillerprint_property_string: disk-size is a format, not a...
2015-10-09 Dietmar Maurerrandom_ether_addr: code cleanups
2015-10-09 Philipp MarekShorter implementation of random_ether_addr().
2015-10-09 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-31
2015-10-09 Dietmar Maurerparse_property_string: add newline to error strings
2015-10-07 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't reorder unknown interface types
2015-10-07 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-30
2015-10-07 Dietmar Maurerapi_clone_schema: use Clone::clone instead of Storable...
2015-10-07 Dietmar Maurerdepend on libclone-perl
2015-10-05 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-29
2015-10-05 Wolfgang BumillerTools::IPV4OCTET: move longer alternatives forward
2015-10-05 Wolfgang BumillerINotify::read_etc_resolv_conf: ipv6 support
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-28
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerrun_cli_handler: add no_init for lxc mount hook
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerrun_cli_handler: use paramenter name 'prepare' instead...
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerrun_cli_handler: test for unknown parameters
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerprint_simple_pod_manpage: fix test for "not initialized"
2015-10-02 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-27
2015-10-02 Dietmar MaurerCLIHandler: make read_password an optional class method
2015-10-01 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-26
2015-10-01 Wolfgang Bumilleradded JSONSchema::print_property_string
2015-10-01 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema: added disk-size format
2015-10-01 Wolfgang BumillerAdded PVE::JSONSchema::parse_size/format_size
2015-10-01 Wolfgang BumillerSupport named formats in typetext generation
2015-09-25 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-25
2015-09-25 Alexandre Derumierread|write network interfaces : add support for vlan...
2015-09-23 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-24
2015-09-23 Wolfgang BumillerPodParser: use generate_typetext
2015-09-23 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema::generate_typetext: default_key support
2015-09-23 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema: verify comma-separated property strings
2015-09-23 Wolfgang BumillerAdded JSONSchema::parse_property_string
2015-09-23 Wolfgang Bumillergenerate_typetext: better handling of only-optional...
2015-09-23 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema::generate_typetext: raw typetext support
2015-09-22 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema: pve-ipv4/6-config and CIDR split
2015-09-22 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema::check_object_warn
2015-09-22 Wolfgang BumillerJSONSchema: format_description + generate_typetext
2015-09-21 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.0-23
2015-09-21 Stefan Priebesupport QinQ / vlan stacking
2015-09-20 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: protect against newline injection
2015-09-19 Dietmar Maurerprint_bash_completion: handle special case passing...
2015-09-18 Dietmar MaurercreateSchema: include type property
2015-09-18 Dietmar Maurerbug fix: PVE::Tools::split_args returns a reference
2015-09-18 Dietmar Maurerpass whole command line to bash completion function
2015-09-18 Dietmar Maurerprint_bash_completion: correctly handle shell quoting
2015-09-18 Dietmar Maurerfix SectionConfig updateSchema for classes without...